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Welcome to Center for Excellence in Mathematics & Sciences

The Center for Excellence in Mathematics & Sciences was set up by Suryakumar and is run by a group of Mathematics and Science speakers who visit schools to perform mathematics and science talks and workshops for all ages and abilities. The team have been working together for several years an consists of experienced mathematics and science communicators. Our sessions are interactive, funny and cover mathematical and science content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about mathematics and science.
The sessions we offer range from large group lectures to small hands-on workshops, although they can often be adapted to suit different situations. The talks are suitable for different groups grade 3 up to grade 12, although some are also adaptable for multiple age groups. The range of topics available is constantly growing as new material is developed.

An effective approach to Mathematics and Sciences

The ultimate goal of Mathematics and Science curriculum is to teach self-reliant thinking, critical questioning and the confidence to synthesize ideas and to re-evaluate them.

Our Objective...

We want to promote thinking and joyous doing, conceptual understanding over rote practice and memorization and still master all those mandated state and national tests. Our complex society demands of its next generation not only mastery of quantitative skills, but also the confidence to ask new questions, explore, wonder, FAIL, innovate and succeed.


The mission of Center for Excellence in Mathematics & Sciences is to research, collaboratively design, and advocate for inquiry-based learning. We seek to broaden conceptions of learning by designing and studying experiences that focus on play, investigation, creativity, questioning, and sense making. We explicitly consider what these dimensions of learning offer for equity-oriented practice and dialogue between in-school and out-of-school spaces.

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The Math & Science activities developed by Mr. Suryakumar for introducing Math concepts is very effective. Teachers and Children have given excellent feedback on the training sessions and the sessions were highly productive. The interaction with the teachers was very useful and we are confident that it will bring in a change in the teaching of Mathematics.
Shanti Krishnamurthy
CIRS (Chinmaya International Residential School)
Coimbatore, India.

We bought the Math & Science Classroom Kit from LADDER Educational Services for our HUS International School. The activities developed by Mr. Suryakumar has given a new dimension towards the teaching and learning process. It allows my students to work independently and to easily correct their errors. The interaction between the teachers and students in a class has drastically improved.
Math & Science Classroom Kit is worth every cent. I am really happy with the series of activities our children experience in learning.
Janice Menzies
HUS (Hiranandini Upscale School)
Chennai, India.